The Dream of a River Cat

Music for Eukaryotes by Various Artists“The Dream of a River Cat” is released on “Music for Eukaryotes” compilation by 56Stuff.

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The track published on this compilation is dedicated to the people I love. To friends on the way. To all who are not afraid to go forward to unknown and come back. And to all who have gone…

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Flute: Markus Mink
Piano: Ashley Muhne
Poem reading: Jia Chen

Translation from Chinese

From tomorrow on, become a happy person
Feed horses, chop firewood, travel the world
From tomorrow on, consider grains and vegetables
I have one house, facing the ocean, with warming spring flowers bloom

From tomorrow on, write to my loved ones
To tell them about my happiness
What the joyous lightening enlightens me
I shall tell every one

Pick up a warm name for every mass of mountain and stretch of stream
Stranger, I also give you blessings
May you have a brilliant future
May your lovers unite in wedlock
May you harvest joy in dirt and weeds
All I want is to face the ocean, with warming spring flowers bloom

Haizi. Jan 13, 1989.